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May 31, 2011

Vintage Fresh [ love & teacups ] :: Style Shoot

So … in case you’re getting tired of all of the Ryan posts, here’s something fresh for you .. some images from my lovely peeps, Brandy & Brandon of Bella Pop Photography.  Yeah, they’re pretty amazing peeps I must say.  This style shoot was back in April at Honeysuckle Gardens in Midlothian, TX.  We also collaborated with Shannon Caldwell of Something You who made our models — Stacy, Lisa & Matt — even more gorgeous … and handsome (Matt was such a great sport).  This style shoot was an opportunity for me to show my abilities, but also to give ideas to incorporate at a wedding reception, shower, etc. The day was perfect, minus a little wind, and it was great experience for me .. pulling all of the details together.  The overall vision was a fresh take on vintage with a smidge of french influence.

I incorporated lots of fresh flowers from The Connection (previously The Flower Market) in milk glass vases, also used in my wedding. Brandy contributed some of her doilies to accompany some my grandmother had made, which heightened the vintage feel. The place settings were borrowed from my mother … I almost lost it when I found them in her cabinets, because I had never seen them before! Way too pretty to be collecting dust on a shelf. The spoon napkin holders were borrowed from Levi’s aunt, who made them using rustic silverware that had been passed down. All of the teacups and saucers were graciously offered by some dear family friends. Brandy made the macarons, which were delicious! I made the scones and intended to bake the wedding cookies, but unfortunately they flopped … so Central Market lent a hand there!

Overall, the table, tablecloth, and chairs were the only pieces that were rented. The troops definitely rallied to help me gather the pieces for this event!

I took inspiration from Martha’s fringe focused designs for the paper pieces for our shoot. Using paper selected from Jo-Ann’s and the convenience of Brandy’s printer, with our’s on the blink, these pieces came together seamlessly. I really love them a lot.

I tried some different paper dahlia techniques, but was never satisfied with the result. So I created my own method for the paper dahlias.. cutting tissue paper into small squares, pinching the middle of the paper and twisting the edges, then pinning the twisted middle to a foam ball with sewing pins, until completely covered with paper. I used hot glue and a sewing pin to secure fishing line to the ball to hang in the trees. For a more permanent application, hot glue would be a good option to secure each pin down, I just didn’t take the time. Unfortunately, the wind was a little rough on the dahlias … so they flattened on one side as the day progressed!

Stacy .. this girl has some definite style. Loved the skirt.

Lisa and Matt .. working their stuff. This was around their anniversary; what a great time for some new photos!

Happy Tuesday!

May 18, 2011

Vintage Fresh Style Shoot :: Sneak Peek

So… remember that workshop back in April that I styled with BellaPop?? Well, I have a little sneak peek for you compliments of Vanessa of Del Pino Photography, who attended the workshop. We had such a great time that day and the weather was perfect (minus the minor gusts of wind)! Here’s a small taste of that day … many more pictures to come! Vanessa, girl, you’ve got some major talent. Thanks again for sharing your amazing shots!

May 2, 2011

Charlotte Casadéjus :: Vintage Wedding Dress

With the ominous weather (and much needed rain) we’ve been having here, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some wedding dress action. I still have wedding fever from this past weekend .. Stephen and Teresa, who we threw the wedding shower for, said ‘I Do’ last Friday. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception that reflected their style so well; it was such a special event to witness their love and devotion to each other as they begin their lives as husband and wife. I wish you two the absolute best in life and love. You are perfect. for. each. other.

Ok, now on to the dresses

I came across British designer, Charlotte Casadéjus, on Ruffled last week. Charlotte’s dresses have a distinct vintage feel, with lots of whimsical fabrics and details. She has debuting a new dress line soon .. I can’t wait to see it!

Oh, and she also has a line of gorgeous vintage bags and belts in the works. Love!

April 11, 2011

Vintage Wedding Dresses :: Mill Crest Vintage

I came across this lovely site while browsing Ruffled over the weekend. Mill Crest Vintage carries authentic, one of a kind vintage wedding dresses from the turn of the century to the 90’s. The site also has a plethora of vintage accessories, including these lovely velvet sashes. They also have day dresses, which are so fun to browse through. It makes me imagine myself as Lucy, dressing up and waiting for Ricky to get home.

Although there is plenty to adore … this dress is by far my favorite.  1950’s Peggy Sue Got Married!

Drop back by on Wednesday — I’ve got some lovely detail pictures to share from the Oh Dear! wedding shower!

April 6, 2011

Cake Topper :: Wedding Detail

For our wedding, the cake topper had to be something different … just because I like that sort of thing.  I wasn’t sure what I was wanting at the time, but when I came across these adorable love birds – I knew they were perfect for us.  Although birds weren’t a part of the wedding in any other way, I love that they idealized the carefree and adventurous personality of our relationship and outlook towards life in general. 

When I see other couples who have also gone down this path, of finding creative and interesting details to add to their cake, I just love it.  These are a few of my favorites …

March 28, 2011

Three Potato Four :: Vintage Wedding

The ‘Oh Dear’ wedding shower went off without a hitch this weekend, so look forward to some sneak peek pictures this week! Now, we’re gearing up for the Vintage Fresh style shoot next weekend! So much design. So little time. But hey, that’s what makes it fun too. For now, here’s a new site for you to check out!

Three Potato Four is a great resource for those of you who love little vintage details but don’t have the time to scrounge through thrift stores and flea markets.

Plus, they have a wedding section! All those lovely vintage beauties you’ve been looking for – and in multiples! Antique keys. Cash register buttons … just imagine them as table numbers. Milk jugs. Vintage cans – What more could you ask for?!

Totally digging the bakery paper window advertisements..  Something you don’t see every day.  How fun would those be framed in a kitchen or on a dessert table?

This antique apothecary would be warmly welcomed into our home!  So unique and full of character.  It would be a great way to organize all of my crafting and sewing doo-dads.

Check out this cute anthro-style jewelry dish!  I can just see it on my dresser right now.  These pieces are only the beginning.. go take a gander for yourself! I would be happy with any or *all* of the things on their website.

March 11, 2011

Vintage Wedding Hats :: Accessorize

So, obviously I’m on a vintage kick these days.  I just can’t help it.  The idea of bridesmaids wearing different dresses has been a trend for awhile, but accessorizing with retro hats and headpieces is new to the wedding scene.  I’m loving it.  It’s a way for your girls to express themselves and a way to add some extra pizazz to the wedding party. 

Bridal hats are becoming more popular as well.  Cage-net. Feathers. Anything’s game.  Being a bride is just more and more fun all the time.  The problem is, sometimes unique hats like these are hard to come by .. unless you have a stylish grandma who wore hats in her day and kept them in good condition.  More likely, you will find yourself scrounging vintage stores (which I totally recommend – if nothing else, for the experience) … Or, you could take a visit to La Plume Couture where vintage hats and unique hair candies abound. 

The boys can snazz it up too.  Throw on some fedoras, canterbury caps or a derby hat … for a formal affair, consider top hats.  Even if just for the photo op!

Have fun with the accessories.  There’s so much to choose from!

March 9, 2011

Antiquaria :: Wedding Registry

I am in love with this idea. A wedding registry for antiques! Pyrex, Fireking, you name it. Antiquaria is the perfect place for a couple to register who has a vintage flair or appreciation for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The site offers a wide variety of china, casual dishes, glassware, and kitchen dishes – along with these kickin’ custom stamps (*love*).

Go take a look and appreciate the color! These would also make amazing birthday gifts too … hint, hint.

February 28, 2011

All About Buttons :: Wedding Detail


Buttons are one of my favorite things. Absolute favorite. So, of course they were on of the details I wanted to include in our wedding. I came across button bouquets on etsy, and fell in love – but not with the price. So then , I thought “I could make those” … as I do with many things that turn into 30 hour projects … which this did. It was worth it though. I mean, just look at these beauties. Love.

My original thought was to have three of the button bouquets for the head table. After finishing two, I was done … it takes a lot of wire twisting and time to make the bouquets look full enough. So instead, I decided to make a pomander for my junior bridesmaid to carry. She was adorable – and I was able to make it in half the time! For one, I didn’t have to make the wire as long and the buttons stayed exactly where I stuck them in (as opposed to the bouquets that I had to secure together with floral tape). Regardless, I’m in love with them both!

Here’s a tutorial that walks you through twisting the buttons on wire. I also hot glued some of the buttons on, but it can get a little messy at times. Mixing in broaches or other jewelry accents was a nice way to fill some holes as well.

I also came across some other cute ideas to use buttons you might have lying around. Especially digging the button garland! Deepest gratitude to everyone who donated their buttons to our wedding!


Happy Monday!

Credit for first 3 photos : Bella Pop Photography

February 24, 2011

Vintage Weddings

There’s just something about vintage wedding pictures that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The nostalgia. The history. It makes me stop and wonder what their lives were like.. If they stayed together (hopefully). How many children they had. If they had children. Where they lived … It also makes me stop and imagine what paths Levi and I will take in this crazy life.

These photos are an inspiration in more ways than one. The fashion is something that cannot be ignored. As my mom and her sisters always told me and my two cousins, “Styles run in circles. You never know when you’ll need this for a party!” … as they hand me a dusty skirt from my Grammy’s garage .. that they most definitely sewed when they were younger .. they’re hardcore like that. But it’s true. In weddings today there is definitely a large trend towards use of vintage items – buttons, china, doilies – creating your own little piece of history .. not to mention the dress and headpiece designs that draw from vintage weddings for inspiration. Just take a look at these pictures and then head over to BHLDN and take a look at their hair adornments. You’ll see what I mean.

Yeah, the bird’s pretty awesome .. and his hair. I’m kind of disappointed that we didn’t think to have a parrot or cockatoo at our reception. Ha! That would’ve been interesting. Twelve bridesmaids?! I can’t imagine. It was difficult enough to coordinate dress fittings for four girls!