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July 6, 2011

Ryan :: Growing

Hold the phone.  I have something that is growing for me.  Actually growing.  Look at these cuties!!!  Contrary to what you might think, with my mother’s outrageous gardening abilities, thus far in my life I have killed more plants than I have kept alive.  I am bound and determined to reverse this streak …. and this is the first step.

 This little seedlings are much more lively and beautiful in person.  It seems I only remember to snap photos at night lately, producing less than adequate pictures … but hey, it’s something.  These seeds were given to me by a family friend from her own hyacinth vine.  Hopefully in a few more weeks we will have something that looks a bit more like this.

We’ve had some help clearing the front beds and they now smell of wonderful pine mulsch.  We now have two knockout roses, two variegated privets, a plumbago, a hibiscus, some echinacea, and a hydrangea that is fighting for her life in this heat.  I know, July is not prime planting season — but seriously, that bed needed some color.  Everything besides the hydrangea is loving our weather.  Hopefully this continues….

I also have to share Hagen’s new necklace.  Yeah, it’s a vintage belt.  How great is that? Check out this super cute etsy shop for your doggy needs.

I’m kind of obsessed.

One of my closest friends is getting married on Friday!!!!  So excited to report back about their. amazing. day.

June 22, 2011

Rue La La :: Bridal

Now they’ve done it. I was already obsessed with these online shopping machines, like Rue La La, but now they go and pull wedding dresses into the mix. Amazing!

Originally $440 :: Now $150

Originally $1,980 :: Now $700

Originally $1,870 :: Now $700

Originally $495 :: Now $200

I love the short lace one especially … perfect for summer. They also have shoes and other accessories on sale today.

Originally $120 :: Now $60
Sondra Roberts … c’mon now. Loving the silver.

And of course, they couldn’t omit some shoes.
Originally $215 :: Now $80

The boys weren’t left out either … large selection of suits, bowties, and suspenders!
Originally $50 :: Now $20

Originally $80 :: Now $40

Daily pick-me-up — sales start at 10 every morning. If you need an invite, let me know! Only catch is … you can’t hate me later when you spend too much money. Self control, people. Self control.

I came across this poster at some point. It’s layout reminds me of the stop. drop. and roll. drills we had pounded into our heads during elementary .. but in most situations I always make better decisions after calming myself down ; shopping or not.

So there you go … shopping high to contemplation. My mind bounces around alot. Hope your day is full of random thoughts too! Keep it interesting.

June 9, 2011

Ryan :: Shoes

This is the latest *completed* project at the house. I didn’t come up with this idea on my own .. unfortunately. I saw this beauty on Pinterest. Obviously, I fell in love with the idea. This is such a great idea for many reasons.

(1) All the pretty shoes are at eye level. Easy to see, easy to grab, and easy to slip on when you’re still waking up.

(2) They’re art. Really, shoe art. Nothing better.

(3) Even when Hagen is full grown, she won’t be able to reach these beauties. She won’t be allowed to chew on shoes of any kind, but hey — we all know junk happens.

(4) It’s incredibly easy to execute. All you need is molding (at least 1” thick and cut to whatever size you want), some paint, and finishing nails! Easy peasy.

May 25, 2011

Distractions :: Anthro Sale & Daily Deals

So, for those of you who jumped on the Groupon and Living Social bandwagons … beware, I’m about to open a can of worms. Maybe you already have. Over the past few weeks, I have stumbled upon some new sites that have daily deals ranging all across the board. Where Groupon & Living Social focus more on restaurant and lifestyle savings, these focus more on clothing and home accessories. Can of worms, opened.

These amazing sites I speak of are as follows :

Gilt Groupe

One Kings Lane

The Foundary 

Rue La La

Each site has a limit to the number of items that are available within each sale category. The Foundary notifies you of the items currently being purchased while you’re on the site … which definitely creates some buying pressure. Luckily thus far I’ve just been browsing, but I did buy a little beauty for our living room. Unfortunately, the sale is off and I didn’t save a picture of our newly ordered ottoman … but trust me, it’s super chic and a bit manly to balance out the vintage girly vibe we seem to be slowly drifting into. Plus it’s cheaper than most I’ve found on Craigslist!

To further add to this apparent online “window shopping” obsession I have, Anthro is having a big sale. These are some of the beauties that caught my eye … Nothing bought for me (though the skirt is oh so tempting), just making note of these types of pieces for the next resale or thrift shop I encounter! So fun to look.

Happy hump day! We’re getting shelves in the pantry today! Which would look even more amazing if they were dressed by a stack of turquoise bowls …

May 6, 2011

B H L D N :: Decor

Yesterday, BHLDN debuted their new decor line. Now they won’t just dress us, they’ll dress our events too. Go take a peek at all the fun new shiny things. Tabletop. Decorating. Lighting. Keepsakes. Stationary. Here’s a taste..

There are some really lovely things.  Some affordable things!  Which is not often the case with Anthro, unless you scan the sale section.  Regardless, their new line is beautiful as always and definitely deserves a look!

Here’s to a kickin‘ weekend!

April 11, 2011

Vintage Wedding Dresses :: Mill Crest Vintage

I came across this lovely site while browsing Ruffled over the weekend. Mill Crest Vintage carries authentic, one of a kind vintage wedding dresses from the turn of the century to the 90’s. The site also has a plethora of vintage accessories, including these lovely velvet sashes. They also have day dresses, which are so fun to browse through. It makes me imagine myself as Lucy, dressing up and waiting for Ricky to get home.

Although there is plenty to adore … this dress is by far my favorite.  1950’s Peggy Sue Got Married!

Drop back by on Wednesday — I’ve got some lovely detail pictures to share from the Oh Dear! wedding shower!

April 4, 2011

Kate Spade :: Wedding Belles (and whistles)

This is an exciting week at Leftover Lemons. Still recovering from the wedding shower last weekend (detail pictures to come this week!!!) and pulling together the final details for the Vintage Fresh style shoot — this weekend I was a busy girl! The style shoot went off without a hitch, thanks to the help of my wonderful hubby, our amazing Bella Pop peeps, and a new friend, Shannon Caldwell, who rocked makeup and hair for the event. Look forward to a sneak peek this week of all the style goodness!

For today, another shopping distraction .. Kate Spade debuted their wedding line, Wedding Belles (and whistles), last week. The collection boasts bright colors, little white dresses, and lots of killer shoes! The wide selection of jewelry would make a statement at any occasion! There’s a yellow necklace on the sight that has my name all over it. Pop over and take a look – spring has arrived.

March 30, 2011

Bowties :: Accessorize

Bowties just do it for me.  They have more personality and playfulness than ties do.  They also seem to sport more unique patterns and color combinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love that boy of mine in a tie – but bowties are a fun way to change it up, especially for grooms.  Who says that brides get to have all the attention?  The boys should get to have some fun with their wardrobe too.  Here are a few pictures from weddings where the guys rocked their bowties.  Tell me you don’t love these! 

In this literature-inspired style shoot, they crafted him a bowtie out of paper from old books.  I *love* the idea, but don’t know how he would feel about paper rubbing against his neck for a prolonged period of time!   

Even the ‘ring bearer’ … of which some choose a four-legged friend … can be spiffed up with a cute bowtie.  This pooch stole the show in his bowtie!

Here is a collection of bowties for some inspiration.  Top left is from Lumina Clothing; left middle is from Bowties and More; bottom left is from Brooks Brothers; All 3 on the right are Ben Silver.

March 14, 2011

Coral Ring :: Accessorize

I came across Erin McDermott‘s site the other day and fell. in. love.  The organic, natural feel that her designs have is breathtaking.  Every piece has it’s own personality and would serve to spice up your outfit, whatever the occasion may be.  The piece that caught my eye was this coral ring. What a beauté!

March 11, 2011

Vintage Wedding Hats :: Accessorize

So, obviously I’m on a vintage kick these days.  I just can’t help it.  The idea of bridesmaids wearing different dresses has been a trend for awhile, but accessorizing with retro hats and headpieces is new to the wedding scene.  I’m loving it.  It’s a way for your girls to express themselves and a way to add some extra pizazz to the wedding party. 

Bridal hats are becoming more popular as well.  Cage-net. Feathers. Anything’s game.  Being a bride is just more and more fun all the time.  The problem is, sometimes unique hats like these are hard to come by .. unless you have a stylish grandma who wore hats in her day and kept them in good condition.  More likely, you will find yourself scrounging vintage stores (which I totally recommend – if nothing else, for the experience) … Or, you could take a visit to La Plume Couture where vintage hats and unique hair candies abound. 

The boys can snazz it up too.  Throw on some fedoras, canterbury caps or a derby hat … for a formal affair, consider top hats.  Even if just for the photo op!

Have fun with the accessories.  There’s so much to choose from!