Most of my life lately has been consumed here :

This is my cube.  My tax accounting cube.  I have recently converted from sitting on that bright red ball to standing.  I know, I know … why would one do this?  Because this one’s back/neck/general posture has gone to pot since taking on the profession that is accounting.  Although my back hurts some days, I can deal with it.  The soreness will go away.  I feel like a curving spine may take a little more work to undo.

My mom works all day on her feet as a hairdresser.  So surely I can do the same.  I’ll just pretend like I’m giving my laptop a new do.  If worse comes to worst, my handy red ball is within close reach.

I need some serious decorating to happen in my workspace in the upcoming holiday months.  Too. much. gray.

On the subject of work, the peeps up in the FW EY office are pretty awesome.  Awesome enough to the point of making me want to organize a Thanksgiving dinner so we can all come as indians and pilgrims.  Also awesome enough to make me want to bake for every birthday in the office.  Check out these Oreo Stuffed Brownies.  Wicked.  These are next on the lineup and I’m super-excited about it. 

In other news, Phoebe loves the sink.

So much that I have to fight for room to brush my teeth in the morning.  She loves to drink out of the faucet.  Hagen loves to drink out of the toilet.  This may be proof that cats are smarter than dogs.  Or that Phoebe is smarter than Hagen.  Although Phoebe has been known to smack Hagen on the nose for no apparent reason, other than Hagen’s up in her space.  All Hagen wants is to play!

Once the weather gets cooler, we have some outdoor projects on the horizon.  One of these is to add a retaining wall of sorts to the front yard.  Levi’s not crazy about the slanted mowing situation that would have to occur if the yard stays as is.  Plus, it will dress up the front.  We keep debating on the style, but we drove by this house the other day and both loved the look of this.  Definitely planting more yuccas.

Lastly, I’m loving my new wallet.  The trifold that I’ve carried since graduation is not cutting it lately.  Apparently I’m a receipt hoarder and I find the need to keep bits of paper in my wallet until the writing is completely worn off.  I’m convinced I inherited this from my mother.  Regardless, I’m excited about this new addition to my purse.

I hope to share a recipe and another crafty project this week!  For now, Happy Tuesday to all.


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