Ryan :: A Proper Texas Pounding

Last month our parents threw a Texas Pounding to break Ryan in & warm our home with laughter & wonderful people. Most people have never heard of a Pounding, because they are kind of old-fashioned. Right up our my alley … Although I think Levi had fun with it too … Especially considering the many pounds of coffee we received. 

We had around 50 people through Ryan on that Saturday.  It was a hot Texas day, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Everyone stuck it out like troopers, and some staked out a spot in the office – which was the coolest room during the party.

Bran, modeling with the deer?

Every room.  More people.

The kitchen ..

The bathroom … For some reason, this wasn’t the room of choice to congregate in.  It did get a lot of action though, because I had to explain to everyone what it looked like before.

I’ll show you the bedroom once I have the curtains finished … but for now, just think electric blue.

The deck was a project semi-finished about two hours prior to the pounding.  Levi and Stevo worked their tails off in the heat finishing this.  I absolutely love it!  It’s so nice to walk out onto the deck instead of our now-crunchy-grass.  Once the upper portion is finished and it is stained a dark brown, it will be even better!  With the misters going, it almost felt better outside under the shade.

Bug – eyes.

Everyone wanted us to open the pounds they brought – so we gathered in the hottest room, the living, to open them.

I loved how creative people got with the gifts.  Among our favorites were : dolmas from Central Market, coffee, paper bags filled with screws, nails, and other construction goodness, a highlighter green hammer (so we won’t lose it), lantana plants, and a pound of ribs.  Of course, we have enough flour, sugar, peanut butter, and jelly to last us years!  We loved everything.

I think the boy was most excited about the bullets for his gun.  His brother knows him well.

Homemade spice mix.  Absolutely delicious on any kind of meat.

My parents gave us some of the doilies that my dad’s mom, who we called ‘Who Who’, had crocheted.  It is so special for me to have these to remind me of her.  I think I got a little bit of her craftiness.

Thank you everyone for your amazing generosity.  We love you!


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