24 Years & Counting

Seeing as I have been slacking in the picture department, especially in sharing some eye candy of our new decor/remodel, I have a lot to catch up on.  Normally, I like to keep things in order .. chronologically speaking ..  but sometimes you just have to make an exception.  Like, for birthdays.  Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear all about the pounding our parents threw for us and the plant situation that is now outside of our bedroom door.  For now, however – my birthday …

Sunday morning we made pancakes.  Lately, we have been making pancakes out of our copy Joy of Cooking …which is a bit worn in, and I like it that way. This time, we opted for the German Panackes, which turned into one big pancake that we shared.

It gets all bubbly and rises before it flattens to it’s beautiful shape.  The butter helps our case too.

Fold it over and slide it out of the pan.

Then top it with some powdered sugar & warm blueberries.  Yummers.

After breakfast/lunch, my boy helped me finish a project we started the day before — to. be. shown. at. a. later. time.  Let me just tell you though, it’s one of my new favorite things about the house.  That night we went to Buttons, for some soul food & jazz.  We basically had the entire restaurant to ourselves, because it was a Sunday … which I was completely ok with.

We laughed a lot.

We danced.

We ate a lot.

Chicken & Waffles are Buttons’ specialty.

Then it was cake time.  Blackberry Wine Cake.  Yes, my mother is amazing.

We all marveled at Brandy’s dancing skills as she danced a piece of cake up to the one man band as he played “Brick House.”  The pics couldn’t capture her talent.  Let me just tell you, that girl’s got some moves y’all.

Then they showered me with gifts.  My friends and family are way to generous … really, having them in my life is enough.


One Comment to “24 Years & Counting”

  1. yay birthday!! I’m soooooo addicted to chicken and waffles now!!!!

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