The Woodlands :: Hagen Learns to Swim

This week has been a bit busy thus far, hence the prolonged post about our trip down to H-town. Logan’s house was awesome and The Woodlands are amazing. Seriously, you can’t see any of the stores from the street. All you see is a thick band of trees and a small pretty sign indicating what stores lies behind the forest. I loved it. The doggies traveled so well together. They both slept alot and enjoyed looking out the window as well.

On Saturday, they took us to Old Town Spring … just a few miles south on 45. It’s a collection of older-homes-turned-cute-stores and let me just say, if you’re in the area you should definitely swing by for a look-see. There’s something for everyone. The boys camped out in a bar disguised as a train caboose, while us girls perused the adorable shops.

First store we went into had cupcakes for its guests. As I was snapping a picture, one of the workers told me “They’re real .. you can eat one.” Laughing, I knew he wouldn’t understand my need to take a picture of the cute thing before eating it. Hillary and I shared a chocolate cake.

Next was one of my favorite stores … because it was an antique shop.  Fireking and pyrex galore.  I scored a great deal on a few colorful doilies that are going to soon join with some other beauties I’ve collected for a kitchen and pantry curtain

Next stop … a candle that smelt heavenly and burns for 1,000 hours.  I *almost* talked myself into it.  They’re candles were pretty impressive.  The blueberry muffin was incredibly realistic.  However, I did get some great wreath ideas and let myself gawk over some amazing Texas pottery.  Both way too pricy for my taste, but so fun to look at.

OTS also has some adorable kiddy things.  I loved this tutu.

There was also this store.  Bet you can’t guess what’s inside.


Hagen scored an elk bone.

These treats took it just a little too far.  Dog treats shouldn’t look like human food. 

Our last stop (before grabbing some burgers), was this cute little craft market.  It felt like we stepped into Etsy.  There were booths inside .. each housing the work of a different local artist.  These little beanies were some of my favorites.

We Hillary & I lounged at the pool for the rest of the day.  The guys swam with the dogs.  Hagen “learned” to swim.  Started off with Romo’s lifejacket and then went solo with her big dane paws.  She’s not a huge fan of the water.

That night we spent some time at Market Street and killing time before seeing Bridesmaids.  Hubble & Hudson was the absolute perfect distraction for me.  I want them to come to Fort Worth.  Just look at these. *Love*

Sunday we took a quick jaunt down to Galveston to visit my aunt & uncle.  After having a late lunch on the Seawall, we started the trek back home.  Such a great weekend and totally worth the tired eyes on Monday.


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