Ryan :: Hagen’s Bed

This pretty girl has been averaging a 5 lb weight gain every week. It’s very impressive. This obviously means she’s eating more, pooping more (well it’s true), and she’s taking up more room on the bed. Yes, when she was a puppy I couldn’t handle the whimpering when we were in bed and she had to sleep on the floor alone. Now, however … I take a different stance. We would need at least a California King (we have a Queen) to handle all three of us. More importantly, I would rather snuggle with my man anyday. All of this explains my urgency in making a bed for lovely Hagen beans.

The striped fabric came from one of my mom’s friends who was cleaning up leftover materials. The H was cut from a piece of a pillowcase that was included in a bag of fabric scraps I bought at an estate sale for $2. The stuffing is memory foam that was at one time on one of our beds, but most currently took residence in the cow trailer at my parent’s land. Don’t ask me why. After shaking the dirt off, it now serves a purpose as Hagen’s favorite place to sprawl out.

Today we head down to The Woodlands to visit a friend from high school, Logan, and his fiance, Hillary! We finally get to see his house! I’ve been excited about it for awhile. If we’re lucky we will make it to Galveston and soak up some sun while we’re down South. Did I mention we’ll have two dogs with us? This is them resting last night after wearing each other out.

That’s the best part … Hagen will have her buddy Romo (Logan’s pitbull boxer … I am dog-breed challenged) as a companion on the drive. Longest trip yet for our girl, so I’ll report back on the weekend’s happenings.

I have to share how great friends are. Steve not only made the amazzzzzzing turquoise cabinet for us, but he ALSO made a gorgeous towel rack in the same great color and even thought to pick up this little chair off the side of the road for me! He knows me pretty really well.. Can’t wait to refinish it!


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