Rue La La :: Bridal

Now they’ve done it. I was already obsessed with these online shopping machines, like Rue La La, but now they go and pull wedding dresses into the mix. Amazing!

Originally $440 :: Now $150

Originally $1,980 :: Now $700

Originally $1,870 :: Now $700

Originally $495 :: Now $200

I love the short lace one especially … perfect for summer. They also have shoes and other accessories on sale today.

Originally $120 :: Now $60
Sondra Roberts … c’mon now. Loving the silver.

And of course, they couldn’t omit some shoes.
Originally $215 :: Now $80

The boys weren’t left out either … large selection of suits, bowties, and suspenders!
Originally $50 :: Now $20

Originally $80 :: Now $40

Daily pick-me-up — sales start at 10 every morning. If you need an invite, let me know! Only catch is … you can’t hate me later when you spend too much money. Self control, people. Self control.

I came across this poster at some point. It’s layout reminds me of the stop. drop. and roll. drills we had pounded into our heads during elementary .. but in most situations I always make better decisions after calming myself down ; shopping or not.

So there you go … shopping high to contemplation. My mind bounces around alot. Hope your day is full of random thoughts too! Keep it interesting.


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