Ryan :: Bathroom Renovation

This is what my Friday consisted of … yes, I took a vacation day to paint.  Frog tape, btw, kicks the pants off the blue painter’s tape.  It’s the shizz.  The gorgeous light blue covered yet another shade of green.  The green was more tolerable than the green in the kitchen, but it was still green.  It’s now nice and spa-like in our expanded bathroom.

That mirror is the original built-in medicine cabinet from when the house was built.  It’s placement on the wall is not convenient for us shorter folk.  I can see to the bottom of my eyeballs.  We obviously left this little piece of history in the wall.

On the other side of the room, there is now this amazing mirror … that we picked up for free from a family on craigslist.  We will add molding around the mirror to finish it off, but for now at least I can see to dry my hair!

My feet warmer, while holding the mirror up for Levi to screw in the brackets, was this little beauty.

One of my new favorite things in the bathroom, besides the mirror and resident foot warmer, is the cabinet that Stevo built for us!  In his words, “This color is new for me” … apparently not many people request distressed turquoise cabinets, but then again most people aren’t obsessed with the color like Brandy and I.  I love it.

The marble top was an estate sale find.  The couple brought it over from Spain on returning from their honeymoon.  A treasure for sure.

It’s a pretty backdrop for my morning coffee as well.

This isn’t really in relation to the bathroom … but it is in a way because of what Hagen pulled out of it.  I think the girl could live on paper. A little filler in between meals.

Better pictures to come (non-iPhone shots) once a little more beautifying is done. I just couldn’t help but share the fact that we have a bathroom again!!


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