My Week :: in Pictures

Last weekend my Mom and I took a roadtrip to Round Rock for Jenny’s wedding shower!!! Beautiful Jenny is getting married in less than a month. It was so great to see her and other college friends. Jen was my MOH and was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see her marry her man .. and I can’t wait to stand up there with her to witness it all!!

Before the shower, we visited a family friend with the most beautifully landscaped yard I have seen in a long time .. lovely patches of color in neatly arranged beds, with pots galore.  I was most mesmerized her stairs : neatly accented by a sweet little vine. This visit further emphasized my need to spend some quality time in the weed-ridden extravaganza that is our front and back flower beds.  No fear Less fear, because I have a secret weapon.. My mom and her green-thumbed friends.

Our new intern (for next spring) baked all of us tax geeks sugar cookies from scratch and took the time to decorate them with icing and sprinkles.  I think she’s a keeper.

Mexican food has always been an obsession of mine.  However, lately this obsession has risen to a new level.  I can’t get enough of it.  I stumbled across this lovely little recipe for Mexican lasagna and had to give it a whirl.  Super simple and super delicious.  I followed it loosely.  Levi grabbed some fresh tortillas from Central Market and we layered them with pureed pintos, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions, and yellow bell peppers.  Totally hit the spot.  The boy was pretty happy with it too.

Our new Crate & Barrel shower curtain came in the mail; which I was excited about.  Levi acted excited.

Levi picked up the kegerator (aka new big black thing in our dining room) and got a keg of shiner the next day.  There are plans to cover this monstrosity with some kind of cabinet or facing, but it’s the focal of our dining for now.  Levi’s new pride & joy.

Last, but not least .. Hagen put her big dog pants on and learned to jump off the bed. She’s still scared of jumping, but I think she’s getting more comfortable every time. It’s quite a drop, even with her long legs.  I love my baby dog.  Yes, I’ll still call her that when she’s 150+ lbs.


One Comment to “My Week :: in Pictures”

  1. Great week! and, mmmmmm…Mexican Lasagana!!

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