Ryan :: Shoes

This is the latest *completed* project at the house. I didn’t come up with this idea on my own .. unfortunately. I saw this beauty on Pinterest. Obviously, I fell in love with the idea. This is such a great idea for many reasons.

(1) All the pretty shoes are at eye level. Easy to see, easy to grab, and easy to slip on when you’re still waking up.

(2) They’re art. Really, shoe art. Nothing better.

(3) Even when Hagen is full grown, she won’t be able to reach these beauties. She won’t be allowed to chew on shoes of any kind, but hey — we all know junk happens.

(4) It’s incredibly easy to execute. All you need is molding (at least 1” thick and cut to whatever size you want), some paint, and finishing nails! Easy peasy.

One Comment to “Ryan :: Shoes”

  1. Kyndal, I used something like this and eventually put clear paper behind the area so the heels would not smudge up and scratch the walls…but the idea worked great…!
    Sue P

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