Ryan :: Hagen’s Home

The puppy’s got some new digs. 

A huge thanks to Stevo, an old friend, for taking time away from his new wife to make a home for Hagen.  It stands 6 ft. tall, is 4 ft. wide and 6 ft. deep. The house still needs some work, including license plate shingles ($2 garage sale find), a great dane mud flap for a door and repurposed siding made from our save-the-date & wedding signs.  Of course, there will be a small wreath to welcome her canine guests as well. 

In other house news, we have a door on the bathroom now.  The tape,  bedding & plumbing is done … texturing is going up today.  Plus, we scored a marble counter top for the bath at an estate sale this weekend .. along with a pink iridescent fire king bowl that I am obsessed with!  Some organizing was done over the weekend, but there’s lots more to do! 

Happy Monday to you and yours.  Hopefully yours didn’t start off with a workout session gone wrong.  I started my day with a 6 am hit-to-the-eye while doing arnold presses.  I don’t know whether to blame my sleepiness or lack of coordination. Luckily, it’s not swollen … I just have a nice little shiner to share with the world.  As my husband said, “Having a blackeye makes you just that much more hard core!” To top this, we were scheduled to have our bride & groom shots with Bella Pop this evening at Ryan .. but because Brandy is such a doll, we’ve rescheduled for next week when I have my skin tone back. Another reason to love her. So when arnold pressing, remember — you don’t have to be rambo out there .. but if you do, try to keep a good distance between your face and the metal.



2 Comments to “Ryan :: Hagen’s Home”

  1. B laughed when I told him about your black eye and he said he’s done it before too. ha ha!

  2. I am excited to visit Hagen in her new little house!

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