Life is a Party :: Anthology

Not to be confused with Anthropologie, Anthology is another obsession of mine. Along with Rue, High Gloss & Lonny. These online mags are just so fun to me. Not only are they creative and fresh, but they’re free and full of inspiration.

Here are a couple of my favorite pages from the third issue of Anthology.

Well, life is a party right?  I can’t even imagine how excited I’d be to come across a staircase covered in streamers and love notes weighted with oranges.  Brilliant.

On another, equally exciting note for me … the pantry project is done!!  (minus some backsplash that will be added in the near future..) This means that my kitchen is somewhat in order and I am much less of a crazy person!  Well at least in the i-can’t-stand-it-when-my-kitchen-is-out-of-control regard.  In other ways, I’m definitely still crazy.  But I think that’s a good thing.

The bathroom expansion/demolition extravanganza began this morning!  I had to dry my hair in the bedroom corner as a result … yeah, still locating the plugs and all that jazz.  Big hair in Texas is totally acceptable.  There is currently no door on our bathroom, so we’ll invite you to come visit later.  Sheet door installation commences asap!  I hope to get some pictures uploaded next week of our new digs!  Now, go put streamers on a staircase for someone … at least leave a random love note.  It’s the small things.


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