Ryan :: House Update 1

I thought it was about time for a mini-update. Unfortunately we still are working on getting the internet wired at Ryan, so I haven’t been able to upload the nice pictures yet.. Not to fear, the iPhone stepped in for some picture action. We haven’t even had the keys for a week and there have been so many changes to the house and yard.

First plan of action was to take down the poisonous chinaberry tree. It was a bear. Luckily, my brother has some skills with the chainsaw and was able to take down all of the limbs. The experience was both frustrating (for him .. due to chainsaw issues) and exciting as the limbs fell to the ground. The daredevil even got up on the roof to take some of the bigger ones down to prevent the large tree trunk from falling on an electric wire. My little yelps of joy could be heard all throughout the day Friday as the tree came down and I cleaned up the plethera of berries in our backyard. Now, Hagen has a place to play safely (once we fill in the dang fence holes).

Second order of business was the bedroom. We wanted to start staying in the house as soon as possible, so this meant moving the bed over, which meant painting the bedroom was high priority. On Friday, we also painted the bedroom rainbow bright. I don’t understand the name of the paint chip, but I absolutely love the vibrant blue it describes. We painted a semi-gloss, so there is a sheen to the walls that looks amazing against our dark wooden headboard. Amazingly, this room is almost pulled together now … the bed, dresser, and side tables are in place. Now, to get our undies off the couch and back in some drawers.

And to get Levi a beer.

The latest project that we have tackled is the kitchen. The red, oh the red. I fell in love. The walls were originally a light leaf green color, which apparently most people adore. Me, not so much. As a friend described it, “A bit too safe.” I wanted something bold, warm, and surprising … and I got it all. I understand if it’s not your style, but we love it. I can’t wait to have our pantry shelves in and put the finishing touches on my little piece of heaven. Not to mention cooking our first meal here! Take out and cereal is getting ollllllldddd. There are definitely more pictures to come here.

The vent-a-hood was a $40 garage sale find. It was originally an off-white, but we spray painted it white to match the appliances and bought venting to match the era of the house. I am absolutely in love with how it turned out. Best part, it works!

The house is in a constant state of disarray right now, as we continue to move things out of the apartment and find a temporary resting place for them in the house. Once the office gets it’s final coat of paint, we may have two rooms that slightly resemble the living and dining instead of a storage unit. I can’t wait to share more updates! If only I didn’t need sleep … to which Levi would suggest coffee and red bull.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


One Comment to “Ryan :: House Update 1”

  1. I love the hood over the stove!

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