Howard Home + Wedding Cake Goodness

Welcome to our new home. We close on Wednesday! I can’t wait to get the keys and really start nesting. With how pre-occupied I’ve been with furniture, paint colors, and decorating ideas to make the space a reflection of us, I can only imagine how crazy mother birdy I’ll be when we have a (human) little one. I had to specify, because Levi has clearly realized that I view Hagen as my daughter and I’m a little crazy protective of her. It’s ok .. you can think I’m crazy too.

These next few weeks will be busy as we give some walls new life with some awesome colors and get all of our stuff moved over. . . So, I apologize in advance if there is a lack of posting activity .. but I’ll do what I can. I’ll try to give updates as we go, especially with the garage sale finds we’ve been updating! First on the agenda is to cut down a chinaberry tree in our backyard. We don’t want any dying puppies on our hands!

In other news, Stephen and Teresa have been married for over a week now! I wanted to share some pictures of the wedding cake that my Mom and I made for their awesome shindig. We got the idea for the rose piping here. It turned out almost as great as the wedding itself. I am still so happy for those two and their adventure in this life! Here’s to many years of chasing each other around the house.


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