Our Changing Life :: Design Inspiration + Puppy!

I hope your Easter weekend was full of love and appreciation for The One who gave it all! Our weekend was amazing .. from the house inspection to quality time with friends, topped off with both of our families sitting down together over a beautiful and delicious Sunday dinner. We had the house inspection on Saturday .. and overall it went very well, with only minor problems to fix! Both of our parents came over and gave us their two cents on the place .. I think my favorite comment was from my father-in-law .. ‘You might want to think about raising those lights; When the Howard family comes to town, there might be some problems.‘ .. This was so funny to me because I hadn’t even noticed the height of the antique hanging lights in our entry and dining area. The Lee’s have no problem walking right under!

With all of this house excitement, I have been completely preoccupied, scouring design sites and Pinterest for some inspiration for our new home. I wanted to share some of my favorites. Don’t hold me to it if one of these elements are not included in the final product .. but for now, this is what we have in mind.

For the master bedroom, a rich blue wall with a textured glaze. I found a technique on Martha Stewart‘s website that will give the wall and ‘raw silk’ texture. We’ll see if I have the steam to pull that off.

This I love! I always struggle to pick out shoes in the morning and I’ve always thought stilletos deserved to be on display.. What better idea can you have than to use some thick molding and create some shoes racks on the wall? What’s even better is that the boy was okay with this idea!

This just catches my eye. I’m all for big artwork, but arranging smaller frames definitely creates the same allure! Hoping to find a place for this kind of grouping in the living area.

I found this little beauty on Three Potato Four. I have definitely become a frequent visitor of that website lately! The hotel key rack design is something I think I can recreate … now to gather all of the pieces!

This little nugget came from Gracie on her adorable blog … something she saw at an Anthro. I just fell in love with this idea and would love to create something similar for the office with an old chair that needs some love.

We’ve started making garage sales part of our Saturday mornings, and have already found some awesome pieces to update! I’ll be sharing those projects with you as they progress. Right now, we’re in the cleaning/sanding stage..

In other exciting news, yesterday we went and picked up the first addition to our little family! A full blood, Blue Merlequin Great Dane. She’s 8 weeks and her name is Hagen (in honor of the capital of Denmark) .. she’s my new pride and joy. Levi can’t wait for her to grow to 200 lbs, but I’m savoring every moment of this puppy goodness!


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