Chandeliers :: Wedding Detail


Chandeliers can elevate the detail level of any space.  Whether crystal, rod-iron, silver or gold, these beautiful fixtures would be a great addition to any event.  It doesn’t have to be expensive either; I have come across many chandeliers in thrift stores and resale sites that could easily be painted or altered to fit within your theme and style.  I love the idea of hanging them from trees for an outdoor reception .. really I just like the idea of hanging anything from trees.  This especially beautiful, though.

The rustic-romantic transformation of this barn is amazing.  I love the softness and chic atmosphere that the chandelier brings to the space … just  breathtaking.

The ribbons … oh the ribbons.  This reception was adorable.  Creating a tent out of ribbons — genious.  What’s even more genius is hanging a chandelier from the center.  So whimsical.  So playful.  I love it.


On another and equally amazing note, get ready for detail pictures in the coming week! I can’t wait to premiere the gorgeous photos from the Oh Dear! wedding shower and Vintage Fresh workshop!!! Also, the new blog and website are in the works … hopefully they will be up and running soon! For now, enjoy that weekend of yours.


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