Bowties :: Accessorize

Bowties just do it for me.  They have more personality and playfulness than ties do.  They also seem to sport more unique patterns and color combinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love that boy of mine in a tie – but bowties are a fun way to change it up, especially for grooms.  Who says that brides get to have all the attention?  The boys should get to have some fun with their wardrobe too.  Here are a few pictures from weddings where the guys rocked their bowties.  Tell me you don’t love these! 

In this literature-inspired style shoot, they crafted him a bowtie out of paper from old books.  I *love* the idea, but don’t know how he would feel about paper rubbing against his neck for a prolonged period of time!   

Even the ‘ring bearer’ … of which some choose a four-legged friend … can be spiffed up with a cute bowtie.  This pooch stole the show in his bowtie!

Here is a collection of bowties for some inspiration.  Top left is from Lumina Clothing; left middle is from Bowties and More; bottom left is from Brooks Brothers; All 3 on the right are Ben Silver.


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