All About Buttons :: Wedding Detail


Buttons are one of my favorite things. Absolute favorite. So, of course they were on of the details I wanted to include in our wedding. I came across button bouquets on etsy, and fell in love – but not with the price. So then , I thought “I could make those” … as I do with many things that turn into 30 hour projects … which this did. It was worth it though. I mean, just look at these beauties. Love.

My original thought was to have three of the button bouquets for the head table. After finishing two, I was done … it takes a lot of wire twisting and time to make the bouquets look full enough. So instead, I decided to make a pomander for my junior bridesmaid to carry. She was adorable – and I was able to make it in half the time! For one, I didn’t have to make the wire as long and the buttons stayed exactly where I stuck them in (as opposed to the bouquets that I had to secure together with floral tape). Regardless, I’m in love with them both!

Here’s a tutorial that walks you through twisting the buttons on wire. I also hot glued some of the buttons on, but it can get a little messy at times. Mixing in broaches or other jewelry accents was a nice way to fill some holes as well.

I also came across some other cute ideas to use buttons you might have lying around. Especially digging the button garland! Deepest gratitude to everyone who donated their buttons to our wedding!


Happy Monday!

Credit for first 3 photos : Bella Pop Photography


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