Vintage Weddings

There’s just something about vintage wedding pictures that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The nostalgia. The history. It makes me stop and wonder what their lives were like.. If they stayed together (hopefully). How many children they had. If they had children. Where they lived … It also makes me stop and imagine what paths Levi and I will take in this crazy life.

These photos are an inspiration in more ways than one. The fashion is something that cannot be ignored. As my mom and her sisters always told me and my two cousins, “Styles run in circles. You never know when you’ll need this for a party!” … as they hand me a dusty skirt from my Grammy’s garage .. that they most definitely sewed when they were younger .. they’re hardcore like that. But it’s true. In weddings today there is definitely a large trend towards use of vintage items – buttons, china, doilies – creating your own little piece of history .. not to mention the dress and headpiece designs that draw from vintage weddings for inspiration. Just take a look at these pictures and then head over to BHLDN and take a look at their hair adornments. You’ll see what I mean.

Yeah, the bird’s pretty awesome .. and his hair. I’m kind of disappointed that we didn’t think to have a parrot or cockatoo at our reception. Ha! That would’ve been interesting. Twelve bridesmaids?! I can’t imagine. It was difficult enough to coordinate dress fittings for four girls!


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