Sweet Things :: Wedding Detail

cake table

I have a major sweet tooth .  Which means that when it came to my wedding cake, I wanted something that tasted delicious … but it also had to look unique and beautiful.  I grew up baking with my Mom, so we thought it only fitting for us to make the cake.  We made the layers a couple of months before the wedding and froze them.  I know it sounds weird and makes you think the cake would taste mushy defrosted, but certain recipes freeze beautifully – plus, it is so much easier to frost when it’s still a bit cool (after totally defrosting, of course).

My boy, on the other hand, is not much of a sweet lover.  Except when it comes to pie.  The boy loves pie.  So for his ‘groom’s cake’ … we had pies.  Mini pies.  Sliced pies.  Strawberry rhubarb.  Apple.  Pumpkin.  I heard they were good.  I didn’t exactly get around to trying a piece at the reception with the mobility impairment that was my dress and the trying-to-talk-to-two-hundred-guests factor; but Levi got a piece of the pumpkin, which was most important to me.  All he wanted was pumpkin. It’s the all-time favorite in our house.


strawberry rhubarb

The cake was 5 layers high.  Piled with 7 recipes of buttercream frosting.  Lots of butter and sugar.  What else could you ask for?


On the top 2 layers, we crushed lemon drops (my stress-reliever the day before the wedding) and hand placed them in a mosaic pattern around the cake.  I love mosaics.  I got the idea for this after seeing the crushed-candy wedding cake on Martha Stewart.  We candied lemons slices the week of the wedding and put them on the cake using wire attached to a button. On the upper edge of the bottom layers, we circled the cake with fondant buttons.

cake detail

The top layers were strawberry, with freshly pureed strawberries in the batter.

cut cake

Instead of a traditional cake topper, I found these cute love birds.  Birds really weren’t incorporated anywhere else in the wedding, but I loved that they were completely white and brought contrast to the dark wood in the ballroom.  We also had disposable cameras for the kiddos and one of the “items to find” on the scavenger hunt was birds.


In addition to the cake and pie, we had cupcakes.  Cream cheese pound cake.  Cinnamon chocolate.  Poppyseed.  So much to love about cupcakes.

cream cheese pound cake

cinnamon chocolate


Our desserts were amazing, but what was even more amazing was the love that went into making them.  Each of our vendors (+ my mom and aunt) put so much time and effort into giving us exactly what we had pictured.  I have so much love for these women … and not just because of these sweet gifts.

All photos taken by the BNB wonder : Bella Pop Photography



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