Favors :: Wedding Detail

For our wedding, we tried to think of creative ideas for every element of the day – and one of them was the wedding favors.  We had 3 favors: handmade soaps, jars of hot sauce, and personalized matchboxes.  The handmade soaps were created by Angie Kite, a family friend, and the jars of hot sauce were bought from other family friends, Paul and Jeanette Connolly.  My mom and I wrapped the soaps in various scraps of fabric that she’s had in her sewing closet for years (thanks, Mom!).  Each jar of hot sauce was wrapped in a piece of yellow and blue wrapping paper, tied with a ribbon.  Family friends (+ my new mother-in-law) helped to wrap these bundles of flavor the weekend before the wedding.  Amazing people I have in my life.

Although you can buy personalized matchboxes and other favors online, we thought it would be more interesting and special to make them ourselves. Not only is it a way to save money, but it is also a chance to get together with friends and family to do something different.

The matchboxes were purchased at the Dollar Store – 20 for $1 – you can’t beat that.  The labels were printed from my computer.  The picture was taken by Levi’s dad; I altered it in photoshop.  Levi downloaded riddles found on Lonestar and Mickey’s bottlecaps to put on the back of the matchboxes.  After cutting the labels apart, we had a ‘wedding prep’ day with bridesmaids and family to peel-and-stick the labels onto the matchboxes.  Now there is a prerequisite here, you have to have willing, amazing friends to dedicate the time and effort to help out … otherwise, you will be peeling and sticking by your lonesome – which is not near as much fun. I speak from experience.  Luckily, my friends are above and beyond.

photo credit for first 3 and last 2 photographs, our amazing photogs : Bella Pop Photography



3 Responses to “Favors :: Wedding Detail”

  1. you should really think about doing “Wedding Planning”. your wedding was amazing, down to the last detail


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