The de Buyer

For those of you who love cast iron skillets, or who love well-seasoned meat for that matter, I have a pan for you.  Williams-Sonoma has a de Buyer Carbon Steel Mineral Fry Pan that is 99% carbon, organic and 100% recyclable.  The more you use it, the better it will perform, as it becomes darker and non-stick over time.  However, it is important to note that this pan requires some T.L.C. – you must hand wash the pan, only using hot water and a miniscule amount of soap.  After each use, you must coat the pan in oil to maintain the seasoning over time.  Just from the handful of times we have used the pan thus far, it is definitely worth the extra time and I think we will enjoy it even more as it continues to season.

Before you use the de Buyer, you have to begin seasoning it by boiling potato peelings for 10 minutes.

After discarding the peelings, wipe it clean with a little bit of soap and water.  After every use and cleaning, you have to cover the interior with a thin coating of oil (we use olive oil) before storing.



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